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Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, having wasps can lead to a lot of discomfort for you, your loved ones or your employees. Our Brisbane’s wasp control services can protect you from such dangers of wasps. We provide emergency/same day wasp control services for your convenience. With emergency wasp removal, you just have to give us a call and we’ll come remove wasps from your property in no time. Our pest control experts always use advanced and effective methods for wasp control. Wasp stings are known to cause extreme pain and anaphylactic reactions. In some cases, these stings also cause death.

The spread of wasps at a commercial property like a hotel can make things uncomfortable for your clients/customers. This will lead to the loss of both money and time. That’s why you should get professional help to ensure safety from wasps. Our Brisbane’s wasp control team is trained to find and deal with every wasp at your property. We always conduct a careful inspection of any wasp-infested property before choosing the right removal method.

Our experts customize suitable wasp control solutions for every property. This is essential as various residential and commercial properties have different requirements. Our wasp control solutions are eco-friendly and safe for both children and pets.

Effective Wasp Control Brisbane

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, wasp control services by us include commercial-grade equipment, methods, and certified experts. Our experts have both practical and academic understanding of wasps. We always do our best to make everyone familiar with different wasp species. This can help you understand the wasps you have at your property. It will also help you stay safe from the wasps that are dangerous for humans. Here’s some expert insight on wasps that can prove helpful:

1. Normal Wasps

Normal wasps have two black coloured antennas and their size is about 12 mm to 16 mm. These wasps usually attack and eat insects. While these wasps pose no threat to humans, our Brisbane’s wasp control experts recommend their immediate removal from your property. This is because these wasps grow large in numbers quickly and spread.

 2. Sand Wasps

Sand wasps prefer the diet of nectar, flies, and various other insects. Their size is about 22 mm. These wasps are easy to identify. Sand wasps are not at all violent unless they are provoked. Even then, they prefer to attack in a swarm. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we have advanced removal solutions for sand wasps. Depending on the situation, we use both lethal or non-lethal methods to deal with these wasps.

3. European Wasps

European wasps have broad and translucent wings. They are not easy to miss. These wasps are about 12 to 17 mm in size. European wasps are known to have painful stings. If you see such wasps around or inside your property, get professional pest control help immediately.

4. Tree Brown Paper Wasps

Trees brown paper wasps are yellow with black and dark brown marks on their abdomen. These wasps are either inside trees or on the sides of residential/commercial buildings. Trees brown paper wasps are commonly found on the side of homes. Our Brisbane’s wasp control team has dealt with tree brown paper wasps on multiple occasions.

5. Mud Wasps

Some mud wasps are orange and black, while some are yellow and black. These wasps prefer the diet of nectar, plants, and insect fluid. Mud wasps are easy to deal with but still, professional help is recommended for these wasps as well.

6. White-faced Brown Wasps

White-faced brown wasps are pollinators and essential for the good health of our planet’s ecosystem. The presence of these wasps will only prove helpful for you, especially if you have a garden. Even so, we can remove these wasps from your property if required. Our experts always prefer non-lethal methods for these wasps.

Wasp Control Process

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we have trained professionals who can free your property from all species of wasps. Our experts always use widely approved and recommended methods of wasp control. This helps us achieve satisfactory results with all our wasp control solutions. Here’s how we usually conduct the process of wasp control:

1. Inspection

Our Brisbane’s wasp control team always conducts a thorough inspection of any wasp-infested property. This helps us understand the cause and impact of wasps on your property. Once we know the type of wasp species that has infested your property, we can customise effective control solutions. A careful inspection allows us to free your property from wasps, safely and permanently.

2. Wasp Control Brisbane

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we always prefer non-lethal methods to deal with wasps. But sometimes lethal methods are necessary and unavoidable. Our team always ensures your safety from wasps before conducting the wasp control treatment. Once we are done with our treatment, your property will have no wasps or even signs of wasps. Our expert can also make you familiar with various DIY wasp prevention methods.

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is a professional pest control company in Australia. We provide emergency/same-day pest control services for both home and business owners. Our services are eco-friendly and safe for children/pets. We also provide free quotes on call for all our customers and clients.

Our services are widely recognized and appreciated in Brisbane. Wasp control services by us include commercial-grade equipment, effective solutions and certified experts. We provide our pest control services 24/7, so you can get in touch with us any time and our experts will reach your property within the hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which wasp species is most aggressive?

Common wasps and German wasps are the most aggressive wasps species. A little provocation will anger them and cause them to sting. Other wasps are only aggressive when they have no reliable source of food or water. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we recommend immediate professional help if you have any wasp infestation around or inside your home.

2. What are the dangers of wasps?

Wasps are great pollinators and play a major role in the good health of our planet’s ecosystem. They are only a threat to you if you provoke or threaten them. Certain wasp species are known for getting rid of other pests like cockroaches and various insects.

3. Is there a difference between wasps and bees?

Wasps are carnivorous and eat insects and insect larvae. Bees only prefer nectar and pollen.

4. How should I deal with a wasp nest?

Our Brisbane’s wasp control team always recommends professional pest control services for wasps. It’s the safest way to deal with them.

5. Do you provide wasp control service on Sundays?

Yes, we provide our wasp control service on Sundays. Our pest control services are available 24/7 for your convenience.

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