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Termites belong to the cockroach group of bugs. They mainly eat wood, fallen leaves, dirt, or animal waste, which are all dead plant components. Several traditional treatments include termites, and they have also acquired a role in medical technology. However, the potential for harm is terrifying. They can invade your furnishings and create significant annual losses. Termites are hard to identify because they are secretive and do not step out in the open.

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Termites: How to Spot Them

Termites exhibit a variety of behaviour patterns, including:

Papery or empty seeming wood

Termite-damaged wood will sound empty or papery whenever you pound on it. It is because the wood within has been eaten away.

Tunnels in the wood 

One of the most prevalent indicators of termite infestation is the presence of burrows in the timber, which are often created by mud or termite excrement.


The cracking noise emanating from the surfaces is one sign of termites. Whenever the population is agitated, soldier termites hammer their heads upon wood or rattle their bodies to warn the remaining termites. The worker termites consume woodwork and make a lot of noise. You could hear them nibbling away if you put your ear near to contaminated timber.

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane’s Termite Control Brisbane

If you’re concerned about termites and need a Termite Control Brisbane, One Hour Pest Control Brisbane can assist. Our competent examination detects termite infestations early on, reducing the danger of property damage.

Standard Termite Inspection

We employ the most up-to-date termite detecting equipment and techniques. Termite inspections are performed following Australian Standard 3660. We have termite specialists that are highly qualified and licensed. We deliver a complete multi-page analysis with images detailing our observations on-site following the examination. We also offer our customers extra information and preventive suggestions.

Termite Inspection Before Buying

We offer a timber examination service before purchasing. Purchasing a new home is a significant financial commitment. Before you buy something, be sure you know what you’re getting.  Before you buy any estate, we do a thorough examination and present you with comprehensive findings.

Termites may pose a risk and cause damage.

Unhygienic surroundings

Termites cause furnishings to be lost, and the expense is usually overlooked by house insurance.

During the dry climate, termites damage trees (mostly crops). Farmers suffer agricultural losses as a result of this.

Termite destruction is more catastrophic than damage produced by hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters.

Termites may spread a variety of illnesses. As a result, they constitute a persistent threat to the health of your loved ones, particularly children.

Termite Control Brisbane

Termite Dusting

The goal of this procedure is to eliminate the termite population. The dusting procedure necessitates a highly competent technique and works best when there is a large proportion of termites to be covered with the dust. For more accurate performance, we utilize the best dust with the lowest toxicity.

Termite Detection System

If a facility has a termite outbreak or even for future monitoring, termite surveillance systems are established. Termite invasion and the risk of it are decreased as a result of this.

Chemical Soil Treatment

We add a chemical to the soil across the border of a structure then under the concrete surfaces in chemical soil treatment. Our professional pest control specialists are properly qualified and trained to protect your house or business by erecting a strong barrier.

Termite Baiting

Termite baiting is a contemporary and environmentally beneficial technique of termite management. Termite lure material is placed within a bait unit. Termite surveillance systems installed within buildings and in the soil surrounding them give an early warning system for termites attempting to attack your house.

Termite Nest Destruction

Our highly-trained specialists use the most up-to-date methods to eradicate termite infestations. We operate quickly to eliminate the termite population in your house.

If things begin to get out of hand, call a termite expert right away.

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is a reputable Brisbane pest control company. We deal with a wide range of pest control issues. We promise high-quality services at a fair price.

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Termite Control Brisbane FAQ

Is it possible for me to treat my home for termites by myself?

Termite-killing solutions could be applied to your home’s outside, direct chemicals may be used on the inside, termite baiting can be put up, and boric acid can be sprayed on your floors and walls.

What can I expect after termite treatment?

The termites can no longer humidify their tunnels after the procedure, and they begin to die. When the timber dries out to the extent where the moisture is too low for termites to thrive, the treatment is achieved. It happens quickly in some houses and takes many weeks in others.

Is it difficult to get rid of termites?

It might be difficult to eradicate a termite outbreak after it has been developed. Individuals are frequently swayed to try DIY termite control, but if you miss a few termites – or the termite queen – you’ll have a new outbreak on your hands in no time.

What is the odour that termites despise?

Applying catnip essential oils to the afflicted regions is a useful method. Another natural insecticide that may deter termites is mint. Mints emit a pungent odour, and termites will flee if they come into contact with them.

What are the consequences of having termites in your home?

Termites do not pose a threat to people. Clusters of such pests, on the other hand, may cost billions of dollars in damage yearly. They can cause structural damage to your building, but they can also cause damage to other parts of your property. Termites have a reputation for being difficult to detect.

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