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Spider Control Brisbane

Spiders love dark and empty spaces. Which is why you can find their habitats ie. the cobwebs in inaccessible places such as unused store rooms, cupboards, garages, attics, basements, behind baseboards and ceilings, roof cavities, etc. Handling spider infestation is not easy as it can lead to other hidden spiders coming out of their hideouts. They do not cause any harm to human beings unless they are attacked first by anyone. The black house spider species is poisonous and typically found in buildings, tree trunks, windows etc. One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is to your rescue in such an emergency! Availing professional assistance for spider control is the most useful and time-saving way to get rid of spiders from your home.

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane provides guaranteed and professional pest control services all over Brisbane and Australia. Our expert team of exterminators and pest controllers are qualified and trained to catch and identify different varieties of spider species and provide appropriate pest control and preventative measures. Spiders have distinct markings and not everyone is aware of it. We as pest control professionals are fully aware and experts in dealing with multiple spider species with ease. We generally make use of chemical solutions that are eco-friendly and sustainable for spider control in your Brisbane property. Give us a call today on 0480090806 and book an appointment with us instantly to make your living spaces free of spiders and pests.

Services We Offer

  1. Spider Control
  2. Ant Control
  3. Bedbugs Control
  4. Bees Control
  5. Bird Control Nesting
  6. Borer Control
  7. Cockroach Control
  8. Flea Control
  9. Moth Control
  10. Possum Removal
  11. Rodent Control
  12. Silverfish Control
  13. Wasp Control

Tips to Prevent Spider Infestation

1. Sewage systems, bathrooms, plumbing pipes, bathroom cabinets are all options for spiders to lay their eggs and form cobwebs in. keep these places clean from time to time.

2. Trim the overgrown trees and plants that are houses to spiders. Keep the perimeter of the building structure free of debris and mulch as spiders tend to make colonies in such areas too.

3. Spiders living in the debris and mulch present on the outdoors fly and settle to the indoors if they are moved from outside. Put an end to that by installing window screens and door sweeps.

4. Installing light bulbs that emit yellow light on the outside of your house is also helpful to keep spiders away. Spiders repel these kinds of lights and hence these lights are effective when you require spider control for your Brisbane

5. If you find several spider cobwebs then there are likely colonies of spiders around. Hence contacting professional spider control for this job is perfect.

6. It is also a necessary and hygienic habit to keep all the closed and unused rooms to be dusted and cleaned once a month. This practice will not only keep spiders away, but the rooms free from ants, dust mites, rats and other bothersome pests altogether.

7. Spider webs also develop on outer walls and the garden walls. Vacuum cleaning them with the detachable hose is useful to keep these areas clean in no time.

8. Sticky traps, glue boards and other baits are useful for trapping many spider colonies at once. Installing these items at places where spiders keep making cobwebs is beneficial for containing the menace caused by spiders.

9. Use adhesive tapes wherever necessary to prevent spiders from laying their eggs. Disposing these tapes off after proper incineration is essential too.

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Pest Control is a prominent service provider in the pest control sector in Australia. We provide pest control services for eliminating ants, spiders, rodents, fleas, flies and many more. We are just a call away from providing you the same day as well as efficient pest control services.

Our pest control services are such that 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our pest control services for spider control guarantee complete annihilation of spiders and prevention of re-infestation of spiders and their eggs

We use eco-friendly and recyclable products to provide safe and effective spider control services to each of our clients.

The pest control chemicals we use do not cause any allergies in your pets and infants.

Our technicians work round the clock and provide emergency services on same day of booking. Our emergency pest control services are also availed by many returning customers in and around Brisbane.


One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is a reputed pest control company operating in Brisbane. We have earned a great reputation for our company by the use of superior pest control chemicals and techniques for extermination. We provide our services to residential as well as commercial properties at rates affordable to both parties. Call us on 0480090806 for immediate assistance. You can also fill in all your details on the form given on our website for receiving a call from our customer support team.


1. I have heard that vinegar is effective for spider control. Is that true?

Yes, it is. You can make use of vinegar for your spider problem by diluting vinegar with water in equal amounts and spray it on all the infested areas. However, contact One Hour Pest Control Brisbane for better and lasting results.

2. What are the common species of spiders that are native to Australia?

Common House Spider, Brown Recluse, Red-Back Spider, White-Tailed Spider, Black House Spider etc. are common species of spiders that are native to  Australia.

3. Are spiders found in the house harmful to our family members?

In very rare cases do spider bites need medical intervention.

4. How many spider species does Australia has in all?

Australia has upwards of 10,000 spider species alone.

5. As pest control experts, how many times do you recommend professional treatment for spider control in a year?

Doing it once a year every year is enough to keep the spiders away from your house successfully. Earmark an appointment with us annually to look over your property for any spider infestation and protect the wellbeing of your family.

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