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The population of rodents in Brisbane has reached record numbers over the past few years. It is a thing to worry about because they’ve grown significantly in size and can make alarming situations causing extensive damage to structure and property. Creatures like rodents usually have a tendency of invading into different structures, gnaw and cut anything to create secure nests.

Therefore, if you witness even a single rat around your property, hire our professional rodent control Brisbane team at One Hour Pest Control Brisbane. The rodent pest control program we perform is comprehensive and is designed to exterminate the infestation the first time around.

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Nowadays there are a number of pest control service providers available. But, to hire the best among all who fulfill all your requirements along with providing excellent service in your budget, end your search here. One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is a one-stop solution for all your pest control needs.

With Rodent Control Brisbane team makes your surroundings hassle-free. One Hour Pest Control Brisbane has the technical qualified staff to manage your rodent Infestation.

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All our technicians are licensed and certified. We will demonstrate that your treatments are performed to the highest industry standard practices.

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Our pest control company is accredited by Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane we ensure your services are provided by a qualified, insured, and trusted company.


We maintain complete trustworthiness and transparency early-on regarding the cost, level, and duration of treatment required. This makes us a more reliable pest control company.

Experience & expertise:

We’re a well-established, recognized company offering peace of mind in the services provided and our relationship with customers. We are in this industry for 20+ years now.

Methods of Removing Rodents in Brisbane:

If you spot the rodents on your property, notice the colour of rats it’ll be black rats and brown rats.

Check for the movement of rodents anywhere in your surrounding or at home, especially at night. An early inspection of rodent infestation will prevent future problems.

Contact professionals like One Hour Pest Control Brisbane for effective Rodent Control Brisbane service round the clock. All our experts are readily available to assist you to make your home rodent-free.

Here are simple steps that make your home hassle-free from rodents. But for that, you need to book our rodents extermination service online. Within an hour our professionals will be arriving at your doorstep. We provide 24×7 customer support service for your convenience.

Our professional will come to inspect your place

He/ She will take all the necessary measures and safety precautions

Then, our experts will also recommend you with the best suitable service for your situation

Lastly, our staff will assist you on how to prevent infestation of rodents to occur in future

How to know if there’s a rodent infestation?


Rodent footsteps can be mostly observed in wet places like mud or dirt. Sometimes, rat tails can leave a mark around the area and can even be traceable on dusty surfaces.


If you spot any holes in places like ceilings, walls, underneath, behind, inside cupboards, trails in subfloors, bathtubs, counters, etc., they could be done by the rats because they keep chewing on everything they come across with their fang teeth.

Urine Stains

You can easily notice urine stains under the light.


This is the foremost and the first clue of any serious rodent infestation. You’ll notice the dropping in your drawers, counters, kitchen, and cabinet area.


Even though rodents can’t be seen in the dark, their sniffing or scratching noises can effortlessly help you sense their presence.


Rodents are specialists in burrowing. So you can see burrows along the fences, walls, woodpiles, concrete, ditches, slabs, low vegetation.

Partly consumed food

Rodents leave behind partially consumed food, which can be an easy sign for you to identify.

Bad smell

One can easily smell the musky odour of rat urine, especially in a closed room.

Grease Marks

The oily skin of rats leaves grease marks on various surfaces.


 1. What leads to rodents’ infestation?

There can be many reasons why rodents often look for places where there is water, food, and shelter available, they usually creep indoors in case of extreme climate. Rats and mice can sneak into the industries, houses, and go-downs through small holes.

 2. Is it wise to seek professional help?

Generally, rodents can multiply at a very fast pace and are deemed to make severe damage to the property and health of people. Thus, it is always wise to seek expert help who are proficient in their task. If you wish to hire our experts, call us at 0480090806.

 3. What type of treatment kills rodents?

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, our experts use a variety of methods in order to control rodents. In the event of a widespread infestation, we perform various rodenticides and chemical treatments, which are safe for the environment and our clients as well. Your safety is our priority!

4. Can you help me rodent control Brisbaneservices? 

Yes, our team of experts is knowledgeable in performing several techniques, which may include, use of traps, and both modern as well as traditional baits. Other than these, we also make use of chemical treatment, which is safe for the environment and your family. The treatment we will be performing depends upon the situation and level of infestation.

5. What do you use to kill rodents like rats and mice?

We control the population of rodents in your home by using gel baits or liquid. Our team installs baits containing pesticides in various corners of your home for rodents to feed on them. When all rats in your home consume these baits, they die. Then, professionals skilfully remove rodents from your property. To avail of our rodents control Brisbane services call us today. We are available 24×7 and even on weekends and public holidays.

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