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Do possums often invade your home and surrounding areas? Get our removal services now!

Possums prefer forest areas and trees but when such an environment is not in their reach, they invade homes and other properties. The reason for this is the need for shelter and easy access to food/water. While possums have a good reason to invade your property, we understand that their presence can cause a lot of disturbance. Our Brisbane’s possum removal team is trained to remove possums from any property. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we have experts that have an extensive understanding of possums. This allows us to use effective yet non-lethal methods to remove possums from your property.

Our possum removal Brisbane involves the use of commercial-grade equipment and customized solutions. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we provide possum removal services for various places like restaurants, hospitals, government buildings, residential buildings, industrial properties, schools, churches, and so on. We can also help you prevent further possum infestations at your property.

Our team can safely remove dead possums from your property as well. We understand possums often get stuck in unusual areas of your property and die. Our experts are trained to remove such dead possum remains from any property. Since possums are known to carry and spread diseases, we strongly advise everyone to get professional help when it comes to possum removal. It’s the safest and the most effective way to deal with them.

Removal Of Dead Possums

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, possum removal services by us always include non-lethal methods. But possums have a habit of getting themselves killed by falling, jumping, getting stuck, and so on. In such cases, you need to be careful when dealing with the remains of a dead possum. Most possums are the potential carriers of some or more diseases. This is why we provide a specialized dead possum removal service. Our Brisbane’s possum removal team knows how to safely remove dead possums from any property. We can also guide you on how to prevent such possum-related incidents in the future.

The presence of dead possums at your property causes a lot of discomfort for you and your loved ones, even if it’s just for a few hours. That’s why we provide our dead possum removal services 24/7. All you need to do is call and our team will reach your property within the hour. Once we remove the dead possum from your property, we also sanities the areas infected with the remains of the possum. This will restore the safe and natural state of your property. Our Brisbane’s possum removal service also involves the removal of bad odour caused by the dead possum.

How to Prevent a Possum Infestation?

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, our team can prevent possum infestations at both residential and commercial properties. We often begin by blocking all the entry points of possums. Possums get comfortable with certain entry points at the property they invade. Once you block such entry points, possums won’t be seen at your property again. It’s one of the easiest ways to prevent them.

Deal with any tree branches that lead to your roof or windows. These branches will provide possums with an easy access to your home. If you already have possums at or near your property, it’s best to get professional help. Why? Because possums can carry and spread diseases. And without professional expertise, you can expose yourself/your loved ones to various deadly diseases. Pest control experts are trained to handle both alive and dead possums.

Another thing you can do to avoid possums is to use more light around and inside your property. Possums are nocturnal and thus attracted to dark areas of any property. You can get free quotes from our Brisbane’s possum removal experts, and learn more about DIY prevention methods for possums.

Symptoms of Possum Infestation

  • If you see your lawn is damaged, then there are high chances that possums have intruded in your house. They consume fruits and vegetables in the yard.
  • You can likely find them near faeces. In addition, possum droppings have a foul odour.
  • They have a screaming sound as they are nocturnal rodents. For social interaction or attention, they do this.
  • A foul odour emanates from possums when they are around. That odour is produced in their chin glands.
  • Identifying possums can be done by looking for bite marks on plants and outdoor furniture. By biting on a plant mat, they sharpen their teeth or wood trunks.

Methods Used by us for Possum Removal in Brisbane:

Our possum catchers in Brisbane remove possums safely from your residential and commercial properties, we follow the below procedure:

  • To begin with, we analyze the areas infected by possums
  • In addition, we also look for places like a roof, chimney, etc.
  • Remove the possums that are trapped in your roof
  • Get the dead possum out from the chimney
  • Close all the entry points of possums
  • Sanitization of areas to eliminate foul smell of possum
  • Take away possum from your property
  • Removal of possums with eco-friendly solutions

We Offer Services to Different Locations which includes the following:

  • Government places
  • Housing complex
  • Commercial places
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial places
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • School
  • Churches

Cockroach Control Brisbane: Preventive Measures to Follow

Cockroaches can invade your house without you noticing it. These pests love residing near food and water sources.  However, getting rid of these nasty pests is quite challenging. You need assistance from experts in pest control Brisbane.

Cockroaches are gross as they roam around inside the trash cans in search of food. They contaminate your kitchen and food that can make you sick. Therefore, making your home pest-free is essential.

Apart from availing cockroach pest control at regular intervals, there are a few preventive measures homeowners must follow for keeping pests away.

1. Remove Food Sources

Cockroaches thrive on human foods and leftovers. These pests need protein, sugar, and carbohydrates for survival. The most effective way of keeping cockroaches away from your house is by removing the food sources.

Make sure you take care of the standing food. Avoid leaving food unattended for a long time. They attract cockroaches who can contaminate your food.

Store the food properly. Develop a habit of storing food right away in an air-tight container. This is one important tip you must follow after getting cockroach treatment.

Take care of the liquid spills, bottles, and cans. Don’t leave them in your kitchen or dining area for a long time. Make sure to rinse these bottles before throwing them in trash cans. The leftover sweet liquid often attracts cockroaches and ants inside the dustbins.

2. Clean Regularly

Cleaning your home regularly can put an end to a lot of pest troubles at home. Assuring cleanliness inside your kitchen helps in preventing cockroach infestation.

After cooking inside your kitchen, make sure to clean the surface of the kitchen counter around the gas stove and microwave. Wipe off the food crumbs from the dining tables.

Never leave dirty dishes overnight in the kitchen. The major reason why thousands of residents require cockroach pest control Melbourne is because they leave dirty dishes overnight.

Get your kitchen and storage areas cleaned deeply at least once or twice a month.

Make sure to throw your garbage every day. Don’t accumulate them as they attract pests. Keep your trashcans covered with a lid. And, make sure to throw the trash inside the garbage bags.

3. De-clutter

Cockroaches release pheromones that help other cockroaches to follow the path. Once they find an ideal place, they start colonizing the area. That is why you need to de-clutter your house from time to time.

For de-cluttering, you need to move newspaper stacks, old books, kitchen storage, cardboards, and so on. If you want your cockroach control services to last long, make sure to re-arrange those untouched items at least once a month.

4. Periodic Maintenance

Cockroaches don’t just grow out of nowhere or enter your house from the main door. They invade your property by traveling inside the drainage system, broken pipes, cracks, or gaps.

So, if you have recently availed of cockroach removal services, it is important to pay attention to periodic maintenance of the house. Keep a check on the drainage systems and broken pipelines. Make sure to get them repaired as soon as you notice the damage.

Apart from the drains and pipelines, cockroaches can travel through the electrical wires and sockets as well. Any kind of wall gaps, holes, and cracks must be repaired immediately.

5. Final Words

Follow these preventive tips of keeping your house clean, storing your food properly, de-cluttering, and maintaining the broken pipes and drains. Make sure to get professional services for cockroach control Brisbane and get rid of these nasty creatures.

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Importance of Possum Control in Brisbane

1. Possums can make your pets uncomfortable

Even if possums don’t bother you, they can be quite annoying for your pets. It’s possible that your pet won’t get along with the possum at first. Your pet and the possum could get into a fight, and one or both animals could be injured.

2. It is possible that they will make a mess of your trash

Possums get a bad rap when it comes to destructing your garbage cans. Normally, raccoons or dogs are the first to arrive, but the possums will also take advantage of the opportunity to snag some food for himself as well as the others. This can create a mess out of your trash and make it difficult for you to clean.

3. They can cause serious damage to your house

If a possum sneaks into your home, you won’t have to worry about rabies, but you will have to deal with its large droppings and the pungent odour they release from their anal glands when threatened. Poses can also be carriers of parasites and diseases, and because they aren’t the cleanest of creatures, they aren’t the most welcome guests in your home. Hence, call us and book us for possum removal as well as dead possum removal Brisbane.

4. In addition, they have the potential to cause serious damage to your garden

Possums tend to congregate around food sources that they perceive to be reliable. Unfortunately, this can also apply to your garden, which is a sad reality. On their way through the yard, possums can destroy your garden by trampling it and eating your plants and vegetables.

Emergency Possum Removal Brisbane

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we also offer emergency possum removal services for both homes and commercial establishments. Our Brisbane’s possum removal team always uses widely recommended possum removal solutions. This allows us to provide emergency/same-day possum removal services for all our customers/clients. We understand that the sooner your property is free from possums, the safer it will be for you. Our emergency possum removal services involve advanced and time-saving solutions.

Busy households and commercial establishments can particularly benefit from your emergency possum removal services. You can call us at night, day or during weekends, and our experts will quickly reach your property for effective possum removal. With our possum removal Brisbane, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the many dangers of alive/dead possums.

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is one of the top pest control companies in Australia. We provide advanced pest control solutions for all types of pest infestations. Our pest control services are widely approved and recommended by top experts in Brisbane. Possum removal services by us are appreciated by many home and business owners. Here are some of the benefits of our services:

1. Professional Pest Control Company

2. Emergency/Same Day Pest Control

3. Certified Pest Control Experts

4. Eco-friendly Service

5. Advanced Solutions

6. Free Quotes on Call

7. Fair Price Range

8. 24/7 Service

Our Brisbane’s possum removal service is designed to protect you and your property from the dangers of possums. Our possum removal services also conform to the Australian standards of pest control and prevention. If you have any possums at your property, just give us a call and we’ll come get to work right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do possums come back after the removal?

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we begin our removal solutions by blocking all the preferred entry points of possums. Then we remove the possum from your property. This deals with the possum and prevents it from invading your property in the future. Our experts also make you familiar with certain DIY possum prevention methods.

2. What do you do with a captured possum?

Our Brisbane’s possum removal team always uses non-lethal methods to deal with possums. Once the possum has been captured, we relocate it to its natural habitat where it can be safe and happy.

3. What are the risks of having a possum inside or near my home?

If the possum is alive and well, it poses no threat to you unless you try to scare it. Even then, possums are not much of a threat to humans. Possums are actually helpful if you have a garden. They eat snails, insects, smaller rodents and slugs.

4. Will the possum in my backyard attack me If I go near it?

Possums usually hiss, growl, and show their teeth to scare humans. But they are unlikely to attack or bite you. Even so, you should not go near a possum without getting professional help. Pest control experts are trained to handle possums in a safe and effective manner. When dealing with possums, it’s best to get such professional help.

5. Can possums spread diseases?

Possums can carry diseases like leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, and tularaemia. They are known for spreading deadly germs and pathogens that can cause leptospirosis.

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