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The Majority of rental agreements consist of a specific condition for tenants to schedule and receive an end of lease pest control Brisbane service as they vacate the property. If you’re planning to do so, then we recommend that it’s the last thing you do before you move. Once the house is cleaned, it will be easier to treat the entire house, including around bathrooms, baseboards, and other hard-to-reach places.

Here at One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we have an expert team of professionals who have handled many pest infestations and with guaranteed results.

Why choose One Hour Pest Control Brisbane?

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is the best pest control expert in Australia. We work with all the parameters that are needed for the pest control process. With our 20+ years of experience, we’re renowned in the whole industry. We have a certified and skilled team who provides the best end of lease pest control Brisbane services at cost-effective or budget-friendly prices. We mostly focus on quality rather than quantity. We are happy to serve you 24×7!

You need professionals to eliminate pests because they are found at the places that are hidden and a bit tough to clean on regular basis, including under your bed (under your mattress or within it), in the kitchen (the shelves, behind the curtains, under the slab, etc.), inside the wardrobe (sweaty clothes), in the washroom, etc. Pests love to eat your home and they are hungry for your blood, therefore it is essential to hire professional pest controllers.

Further, we provide sanitization and fumigation service which is known to avert the places such as offices, houses, schools, hostels, hotels, etc. for the long term, from the various kinds of germs and make the surrounding virus-free.

We provide services for both residential and commercial properties as per your requirements. We have the most capable and knowledgeable team of technicians in terms of their particular work. Moreover, we cover all the suburbs of Brisbane. So without any hesitation, just give a call on 0480090806 and book your appointments today! Our team of professionals is readily available for your assistance.

Our end of lease pest control in Brisbane Process:

Inspection of the Property:

Firstly, our team of professionals looks for the signs of the pest, and detect the infestation extent in and around your location. We then accordingly decide and recommend the right treatment for pest control

Apply Solutions and Perform Techniques: Once our professionals thoroughly inspect your property, they then apply effective chemicals to affected areas. We get to know where the pests are hiding and therefore, treat those particular areas of your place. The chemicals used in the procedure, are eco-friendly (no side effects) and biodegradable (safe for humans and nature). Making use of solutions we perform techniques to get rid of pests.

Re-checking the Property:

After the successful completion of the entire process, our expert team rechecks the entire property, to make sure there is no recurrence of pests or any area left unchecked. We aim to make tenants or landlords satisfied with our End of Lease Pest Control Brisbane services. We also understand that there’s a time restriction in such a situation as the tenants have to vacate the premises as soon as possible. So we perform our duty in minimal time.

Why is it Important to Hire Professionals for Pest Control in Brisbane:

It makes sense that presenting a home free from pests is included in a legal agreement. It becomes easy for new tenants to move into a home free from pests. Further, this can avoid dispute and if not can result in considerable stress to all parties.

Therefore, by the end of the lease, you must get effective pest control services. We are there to help you with that, avail of our services as early as possible. Contact us to get more information about our professional end of lease pest control Brisbane services. Our services can benefit you in many ways, such as:

Reliable and hasty services at your location

Use biodegradable and customer-friendly chemicals

Wide range of services at one time

Budget-friendly end of lease pest control in Brisbane

Prompt response to your queries

100% guaranteed results

So, if you are looking for safe and environmental end of lease pest control Brisbane services or have any query regarding them. We at One Hour Pest Control Brisbane are here to assist you 365 days of the year and help provide you with the experts to give you the best solution in no time.

Reliable Services that We Offer:

We provide an inclusive range of end of lease pest control Brisbane services to our clients, which covers all types of pests such as:

Ant Control and Removal

Bees Control and Removal

Bird Control Nesting

Bird Nesting Removal

Bedbugs Control and Removal

Borer Control and Removal

Cockroach Control and Removal

Flea Control and Removal

Moth Control and Removal

Possum Removal Service

Rodent Control Service

Termite Control Service

Spider Control Service

Wasp Control and Removal

Silverfish Control and Removal

Who is Responsible for Pest Control in Rental Properties?

The Residential Tenancies Act states that the landlord shall safeguard that the rental property at the beginning of the tenancy is clean and fit to live in. Also, the owner must see that the rental property is to be maintained so that it remains fit to live in for the new lessee. Unless it is stated in the agreement, the landlord is responsible for general pest control for ants, cockroaches, rodents, fleas, silverfish, wasps, spiders, etc.

However, on the other hand, it also depends upon what is mentioned in the rent agreement. A Tenant needs to read the terms and conditions thoroughly to get it clear before signing the agreement. Commonly, if you get a pest-treated property on rent, then it is the responsibility of the tenant to get the pest control done during the end of the lease and return it in a clean condition.

Nevertheless, there are some categories of pests such as termites for which tenants are not responsible. Therefore, while vacating the rented house follow certain steps to stay away from any cases of disputes over pests. Contact us today to avail of our end of lease pest control in Brisbane.

Enquire About Our Pest Control Services in Brisbane:

At One hour Pest Control Brisbane, we comprehend that the procedure of a moving house can be stressful and busy, thus, we will strive to make this procedure as easy for you as possible. Ask us to find out more about our quick, effective, and affordable end of lease pest control Brisbane services. We have been associating with landowners, real estate agents, and lessee to provide a complete and comprehensive end of lease pest control treatment in Brisbane. Book an obligation-free quote over the phone today. Dial 0480090806 and schedule an appointment with our accredited and licensed team of pest controllers.


1. How safe is your pest control treatment?

The chemicals or pesticides that we use have been approved by APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). This means that the chemicals we produce go through very strict tests to make sure they are safe for urban use by a professional pest controller.

Although we use eco-friendly and customer-friendly pesticides, we still recommend avoiding direct contact with wet pesticides. Hence, vacating the premises during the treatment and two hours after that is still a very good practice.

2. What do I need to do before you arrive for treatment?

We suggest you few tips that you need to perform before pest control treatment:

Clean the house would and take out all the things before leaving the house. This will help our technician to move better, reduce the risk of injury and damage to the property.

Remove or cover things that are not supposed to be sprayed from outdoor to indoor, like clothes on the line, shoes, etc.

Cover fish ponds, outdoor edible plants, and take away pets, if you have.

Close all windows but open the shutters if you have one.

 3. What all pests do you cover under your pest control services?

If you book pest control services at One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we target the pests that are difficult to remove by you in your home: cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, rodents, birds nest, silverfish, termites, borers, bedbugs, etc.

4. When should I book in my end of lease pest control?

We recommend you to book in our end of lease pest control Brisbane treatment after all cleaning is completed like mopping of floors or moving all the items like furniture, wardrobe outside the house. Call us at 0480090806 today and ask for a free quote.

5. Are your services affordable?

Absolutely yes, whatever services we provide are available at less or reasonable costs. We believe in transparency and provide complete value for the money. Offering affordable services does not mean that we compromise the quality of the services. We’ll never do that!

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