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Do you frequently find dead animals at your property? Get our removal services now!

Animals like rats and possums often trespass and die at various properties. The remains of such dead animals can lead to health issues for you and your loved ones. Our Brisbane’s dead animal removal services are designed to protect you from such dangers. We have experts that are trained to handle dead animal removal in a safe and professional manner. We understand that dead animal remains can damage the well-maintained ambience of any property. As animals like possums and rats are carriers of various diseases, a quick response and removal is essential. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, dead animal removal services by us are customisable depending on the requirement of your home or commercial property.

Our Brisbane’s dead animal removal service can safeguard you and your property from the dangers of a dead animal. Bad odour is one of the first things caused by the remains of dead animals. Then eventually the remains cause pest infestations, stains, bacteria, and spread of disease. This is why we use advanced methods to remove dead animals and all their traces from your property. Our experts have a great understanding of the safety protocols and expertise required for dead animals. It’s one of the important reasons to get professional help for dead animal removal.

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we also provide emergency/same day dead animal removal service. This can make things more convenient for busy households and commercial establishments. Animals have a habit of trespassing and dying at both residential and commercial properties. And most people do not realise the presence of the dead animal until there is bad odour. While certain animals can be removed without any professional help, a simple mistake could get you infected with a deadly disease.

When it comes to dead animal removal, Brisbane’s many home and business owners prefer our services. This is due to our ability to provide satisfactory results with all our dead animal removal services. Our primary goal is always to protect you and your property from any further or potential damages caused by dead animals. You just have to give us a call and our experts will come remove the dead animal from your property in no time.

Dangers Of Dead Animals

Dead animals are known to spread unpleasant odours inside and around your property. This can destroy the comforting ambience of any home or commercial property. The longer the dead animal remains at your property, the stronger the bad odour will become and also cause health issues. If a dead animal is at your commercial establishment like a hotel or a shopping centre, it will cause discomfort for your customers and give a bad name to your business/brand.

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we always recommend immediate response and professional help for dead animal removal. It’s the best way to prevent any major damages, both to your property and health. Bad odour caused by dead animals is also known to become permanent if you do not deal with it in time. This will cost you a lot of money and time. As rats can carry diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, plague, and typhus, having their remains at your property is always a health hazard.

Possums are known to carry and spread diseases. And like rats, they also die at the most difficult or unusual places on your property. This makes it difficult to find and remove them with the right expertise and equipment. This is why whenever there is a requirement for dead animal removal, Brisbane’s homeowners always prefer our services. We have the expertise, equipment, and experience to conduct the dead animal removal effectively.

Dead Animal Removal Brisbane

Animals like rats, mice, possums and racoons die at both residential and commercial properties, either due to traps or crowded infestations. You may be able to remove the dead animal if it’s only one. But it’s never safe to do this without professional help. Possums, porcupines, rats, and squirrels are all known for carrying and spreading diseases. Such animals just become more deadly after death. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, dead animal removal services by us involve safe and reliable solutions.

Roofs, wall cracks, basements, duct systems, storage areas, and basements are usual places where animals trespass and die. It’s also why it becomes difficult to identify their presence until they cause a bad odour. To remove dead animals from the unusual places of your property, you need professional expertise and equipment. Our Brisbane’s dead animal removal team can customise effective removal solutions for all types of dead animals. You just have to get in touch with us and we’ll be at your doorstep within the hour.

Our Dead Animal Removal Services in Brisbane

Possum Removal

Like other animals, even possums die. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitable reality of life. A possum could perhaps die in the most bizarre situations, nevertheless. Odours from possum and rat bodies can linger for weeks before the body dries out enough to minimise the odours from the corpse.

A foul odour that you can’t figure out what it is can have a possibility that a dead possum could be in your ceiling. Having dead rodents on your roof can cause a foul odour to permeate your entire home or business.

One must get the disposal of dead animals done soon because the dead animal odour will only get worse and could be dangerous to you and others.

Removal of Dead Rats

The smell of a dead rat emanating from your attic, walls, or burrow area beneath your home may be the result of recent baiting. Contact One Hour Pest Control Brisbane for Dead Animal Removal Brisbane.

Call us and we will help you find the source of odour as well as dispose of the dead rat in a safe, efficient manner.

Dead Animal Removal Brisbane Services for Residential Areas

Your family may be at risk of illness if you have a dead animal in your home, and it may emit an uncomfortable and distressing odour throughout your home. We encourage you to reach out to our team of experts as soon as possible. Once the corpse has been disposed of, the area will be deodorised to remove the foul odour. In order to safeguard the well-being of your beloved ones, it is necessary to call a professional at the earliest. The Dead Animal Removal cost in Brisbane for residential properties is very reasonable.

Dead animal removal services in Brisbane for Commercial Areas

When animals die in commercial areas, they can pose a serious threat to the health of your employees. As a result, it can also damage your reputation and your company’s bottom line. The foul odour may cause you to lose time at work and give you a headache. The best way to deal with this is to call in the experts as soon as possible. Dead animals are removed by our professional cleaning crews without wasting your valuable working time.  We arrive right on time at your location to inspect your situation, remove the animal’s carcass, and dispose of it properly.

Dead Animal Removal Process

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we use advanced equipment and solutions to remove dead animals from your property. Our methods are safe, effective, and recommended by top pest control experts in Brisbane. Dead animal removal by us restores the safe and natural state of any property. Let’s get you familiar with some common aspects of our dead animal removal methods.

1. Our experts conduct a thorough inspection of your property. This allows us to make a report of the causes and impact of dead animals.

2. We customise effective dead animal removal solutions for your property based on its needs and the type of dead animal.

3. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we always use widely approved and recommended methods for dead animal removal.

4. With such methods, we move forward with the dead animal removal and cleaning.

5. We use certified cleaning and sanitising agents to clean your property. This helps us remove all the bacteria, bad odour, and stains caused by the dead animal.

6. Our experts also perform a post-removal inspection to find and deal with any remaining traces or damages caused by dead animals.

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is one of the top pest control companies in Australia. We provide widely recognised pest control solutions for all types of pests. Our services are appreciated by many home and business owners in Brisbane. Dead animal removal service by us can protect you and your property from the various dangers of dead animals. Our services are eco-friendly and conform to the Australian standards of pest control.

We also provide emergency/same day dead animal removal services for both residential and commercial properties. We do this to provide quick and effective removal solutions for dead animals. Our Brisbane’s dead animal removal service comes with the guarantee of satisfactory results and reliability. Feel free to contact us anytime you need dead animal removal and we’ll help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do dead animals spread disease?

Yes, animals like rats can carry and spread hantavirus, typhus, fever, plague, leptospirosis, and so on. Dead animal remains are also known to cause pest infestations, which can lead to more diseases. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we strongly advise immediate response and professional help to avoid such dangers caused by dead animals.

2. Are your services available on a Sunday?

Yes, our Brisbane’s dead animal removal service is available on a Sunday. Our services also come with emergency response teams and 24/7 availability.

3. Can I deal with the dead animal in my home without professional help?

You can if the dead animal is your pet. If not, avoid all physical contact with the dead animal remains. Get professional dead animal removal services for animals that trespass at your property and die.

4. Can you remove the dead animal odour from my home?

Our Brisbane’s dead animal removal service is designed to remove all the bad odour, stains, and bacteria caused by dead animals. Once we are done with the removal, your property will be completely free from the bad odour of a dead animal.

5. Is this a certified pest control company?

Yes, One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is a widely recognised and certified pest control company.

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