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Frequent damage to the wood material can be a sign of borer infestation. These pests are known to damage wood material such as furniture, roofing timbers, flooring, and so on. If you need borer protection services for your property in Brisbane, borer control services by us are available all across Australia. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we use advanced methods to find and deal with the escape holes created by borers. Any unusual and extreme wood damage is likely caused by borers. This is why you have to regularly check and clean your wood material.

Our Brisbane’s borer control services can protect your furniture and other wood material from borers. Even if you do not see any signs of borers on your wood, it’s best to get experts like us to do a proper inspection. This will prevent borers and any damages caused by them. Our team has an expert understanding of borers and the treatment required for them. This helps us provide the most effective and reliable solutions for borers.

Our experts can customise advanced borer removal solutions for any property, whether it’s a home or commercial establishment. We always use widely approved and recommended borer control methods. Our solutions are also eco-friendly and in accordance with the global standards of pest control.

How To Identify a Borer Infestation?

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we believe the best way to deal with borers is by preventing them before they cause any damages. This is because even minor damage caused by borer is almost always permanent. Our Brisbane’s borer control team can help you understand borers and how they infest your property. This will help you learn about their presence quickly and prevent various permanent damages.

1. Borers are known to make buzzing and other easy-to-hear sounds when they eat. You will usually hear such sounds at night.

2. Rot near and inside wood holes is a clear sign of a full-grown borer infestation.

3. If you see any small tunnels in your furniture and other wood material, you may have borers at your property.

4. Borers are also known to cause holes under carpet floors. Always keep an eye out for that.

5. The growing presence of fungus and mould on your wood is a common sign of borer infestation.

6. If your wooden chairs and furniture are getting damaged with unnoticeable causes, it could be a sign of borer infestation.

7. Borers usually infest and damage timber, so if you see any damages to your timber. It could be an early sign of a borer infestation.

8. Dead borers are easy to notice on infested wood and around it. They are white and round in shape.

Dangers Of Borer Infestation

Our Brisbane’s borer control solutions are customised to free your property from borers. But if their presence is not identified sooner, borers will cause various damages to your property. Most of the damage will be on your wood material. Here are some of the common damages caused by borers:

1. Borers can cause unrecoverable damages to timber wood. This will lead to the loss of both money and time.

2. Borers usually infests wood furniture and damage the base and good quality of your furniture.

3. Various borer species are known to prefer and damage bamboo wood or other wood with a good amount of starch.

4. Many homes have windows, door frames, and flooring made of wood. The presence of borers will cause permanent damage to this material.

5. Certain borer species are found on rotting timber and cause more damage to the timber.

6. Borers can also infest trees and are known to lessen the lifespan of various trees.

Borer Control Process

With One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, you get experts that are trained to ensure the thorough removal of borers from any property. We always use certified equipment and methods for effective borer removal. Our Brisbane’s borer control experts often stay ahead of the latest developments in pest control. This helps us get satisfactory results with all our borer control solutions. Here’s how we usually conduct the borer control at any property:

1. Professional Inspection

Our team examines every borer infested spot and material at your property. This helps us understand the impact and causes of the infestation. A proper inspection also helps us choose suitable borer control solutions for your property.

 2. Borer Treatment

Our Brisbane’s borer control services involve various solutions depending on the requirements of your property. We often use certified repellents to deal with borers. This method needs experience and thorough treatment as borers are good at hiding. We also use borer care liquid on wood material. This removes and prevents borers on all wood material. Our experts always use eco-friendly and effective borer control methods. Once we are done with our treatment, your property will be free from all borers.

3. Prevention

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we recommend the use of coverings like water sealants, polyurethane, and paints to prevent moisture and thus borers. Our experts can also guide you about some other DIY borer prevention methods. You can give us a call and get free quotes from our experts at any time.

4. Sanitisation

The use of certified sanitising agents is one of the best ways to deal with borers. But this method always requires professional help. Certain expertise and precautions are necessary to conduct this method in an effective manner. Certified sanitising agents reach all the hiding spots of borers and terminate them.

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is a well-established pest control and prevention company. Our services are available all across Australia. We provide advanced and permanent solutions for all types of pest infestations. Our services are approved and recommended by top pest control experts in Brisbane. Borer control solutions by us are designed to remove all borers from your property. With One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, you get:

1. Emergency/Same-day Pest Control

2. Reliability & Satisfactory Results

3. Experienced Professionals

4. Eco-friendly Service

5. Advanced Solutions

6. Fair Price Range

7. Free Quotes

8. 24/7 Service

Our Brisbane’s borer control service is a great way to prevent permanent damages to your wood material like furniture, window frames, flooring, and so on. Feel free to give us a call any time and we’ll deal with all your borer control needs.

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