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Sleep deprivation is one of the most dangerous results of a bedbug infestation. Our Brisbane’s bed bugs control team understands the discomfort caused by bedbugs. Bedbugs bite almost everywhere on your body and cause skin infections. These pests usually come out at night and survive on the diet of blood. Bites from bed bugs are known to cause itching, swelling, and some painful skin infections as well. Our Brisbane’s bed bugs control team can help you prevent their infestation before it spreads.

Bed bug infestation is not easy to detect due to their small size. Most people do not know about the presence of bedbugs until they start biting in large numbers. This is why a bed bug infestation is considered dangerous. These pests cause the kind of sleep deprivation that leads to chronic conditions, depression, weak sex drive, and so on. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, bed bugs control solutions by us can thoroughly exterminate all bedbugs at your property.

Our bedbugs control solutions are customizable based on the requirements of residential and commercial areas. We also clean and sanitise the areas infested by bedbugs. Our Brisbane’s bed bugs control team always recommends immediate response and extermination for bed bugs. It’s the only way to prevent a major bed bug infestation. Once these pests spread everywhere, sometimes it can take months to get rid of them completely.

How to Identify A Bed Bug Infestation?

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, bed bugs control services by us are designed to find and deal with all bedbugs. We know that bed bugs can hide and breed in many usual and unusual places. These places include bed sheet folds, behind furniture, inside cushions, curtain folds, electrical fixtures, under wardrobes and chairs. Once it’s dark, bed bugs come out and begin feeding. This is the easiest way to learn about their presence. Here are some other better ways to learn about the presence of bed bugs:

1. Having too many bite marks and frequent skin infections is one of the signs of a bed bug infestation.

2. If you keep finding bloodstains on the mattresses, bedsheets, and walls, you may have a bed bug infestation.

3. Bites from bed bugs are extremely painful and cause an unusual itch. These bites are easily distinguishable and will help you learn about a bedbug infestation quickly.

4. Shedding of tiny eggs and eggshells or light-yellow nymph skin is one of the common signs of a bed bug infestation.

Risks of Bed Bug Infestation

1. Sleep deprivation is one of the most harmful consequences of having bed bugs in your home. This will affect both your personal and work life.

2. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, our team believes that bed bugs can cause serious skin infection and allergies.

3. Bed bugs can carry and spread diseases as they bite anyone they can bite. This can leave you vulnerable to a deadly disease.

4. Bedbugs can cause enough sleep deprivation that it can lead to diabetes, depression, a weak immune system, weak sex drive, and chronic conditions.

Tips to Deal with a Bed Bug Infestation

1. Use adhesive tapes to attract/trap bed bugs and stop the infestation before it can spread. After the treatment, you should either burn the tape or dispose of it safely.

2. Clean the bedbug-infested fabric material with hot water (60-degree Celsius). This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of bed bugs.

3. If possible, put sudden heat over the areas where bed bugs hide. Sudden attacks like that will help you remove all bedbugs from your home.

4. Store the bedbug-infested fabric in the freezer for 24 hours. After that, clean the fabric with hot water. This ensures the thorough removal of bedbugs.

5. Various certified chemical sprays are available for bed bug treatment. You can also use dry ice and cryonite treatment.

6. Last but not least, the best way to deal with bed bugs is with professional help. Our Brisbane’s bed bugs control team is trained to conduct thorough extermination of bedbugs. Just give us a call and we’ll be at your doorstep within the hour.

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is one of the top pest control companies in Australia. We provide comprehensive pest control and prevention services for all types of pests. Our services are appreciated by both home and business owners in Brisbane. Bed bugs control service by us comes with commercial-grade equipment, advanced solutions, and certified pest control experts. Here are some of the well-known benefits of our services:

1. Emergency/Same Day Pest Control Service

2. Professional Pest Control Company

3. Eco-friendly Service

4. Free Quotes on Call

5. Advanced Solutions

6. Certified Experts

7. Fair Price Range

8. 24/7 Service

Our Brisbane’s bed bugs control team always keeps track of the new pest control developments. This helps us provide the most effective pest control solutions for both residential and commercial properties. You can get in touch with us any time of the day or night, and our experts will help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best way to deal with bed bugs?

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we strongly advise everyone to get a professional pest control service for bedbugs. It’s the best way to remove bed bugs from your property, safely and thoroughly.

2. Where can I find the hiding places of bed bugs in my home?

Our Brisbane’s bed bugs control team believe that bed bugs can hide at almost every corner or area that is not easily seen or rarely visited. These pests hide under chairs, bed corners, cushions, furniture, behind photo frames, and so on.

3. Is it difficult to remove bed bugs from my home?

Yes, without professional help, the thorough extermination of bed bugs can take months. These pests can hide in one place for months. This is why experts are required to find every one of their hiding spots, and to remove them from your property permanently.

4. Is bed bug infestation harmful to humans?

No, bed bugs do not pose any danger to humans. But they do cause painful bites, skin infection, and sleep deprivation. And constant sleep deprivation is known to lead to some serious health issues.

5. Do you provide bed bugs control services during weekends?

Yes, our bed bugs control services are available during weekends. We provide our services 24/7 and with emergency response teams for your convenience.

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