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Are ants preventing you from living a tranquil life? Are you fed up with utilising ant insecticides from your neighbourhood? Do not be concerned. We have the key to the solution. One Hour Pest Control Woody Point can provide you with the most appropriate ant pest control services.

Our ant control Woody Point service can give you ant eradication and removal that is effective, safe, and professional. Based on years of expertise and cutting-edge treatments and applications, our experienced experts can handle all sorts of ant infestations.

Ant Species Found in Australia

You may have seen ants in your home. However, you may not be able to recognise the ant species that invade your home daily. Carpenter ants, white-footed ants, sugar ants, black ants, Argentine ants, fire ants, and Singapore ants are some of the ant species that may be found in Australia’s homes and business areas. In terms of appearance, eating behaviour, and nesting patterns, each ant species differs somewhat from the others. Contact our ant control experts to get detailed information on the various ant species.

Health Issues Caused By Ants

Ants are typically found in unclean environments. Therefore, when ants visit those filthy areas, they bring harmful pathogens home with them. When these insects enter your home in search of food, they spread harmful infections across the areas and products they visit. You can become ill and acquire dangerous diseases after consuming those bacteria-laden foods. You may be stung by ants if you tread on them or try to smash a few of them.

Why Do You Need Professional Ant Control Woody Point Service?

Treatment for Ant Scent Trails

Ants have a habit of leaving a trail behind them. It is a pheromone-containing compound and is used to serve as a warning to other ants that a food source is approaching.

Treatments for Ant Nests

Ants may build their nests practically anyplace in your home or company. Inside, outside, in your walls, under your house, grounds, and even in the void beneath your roof.

Ant Colonies Treatment

Ant colonies may include up to 500 thousand ants, and ants are known for being able to pack up and move their nests with ease.

Identify Ant Invasion Warning Signs

If you notice an ant or a few ants inside or outside your home, do not ignore the sign. The presence of an ant indicates that there may be a major infestation in your area. You may see little heaps of dirt or soil near your home’s window or entrance. An ant infestation can also be detected by the presence of ant frass. Ant stings are another powerful indicator.

Our Ant Pest Control Woody Point Method

Our ant removal Woody Point inspectors will go all around your house to conduct a thorough inspection. They will examine every nook and object in your home to determine the specific location of the infestation. After detecting the affected areas, our service technicians will begin treatment, which includes dusting the contaminated regions and treating the infested areas with specific ant baits. You do not have to be concerned about the pesticides’ adverse effects because we utilise environmentally safe ant insecticides.

What Are the Benefits of Using a One-Hour Pest Control Woody Point Service?

  • There is no need to prepare and no reason to go.
  • Family, kids, and pet-friendly
  • We arrive on time as promised.
  • Our ant removal Woody Point solutions dry quickly and have no odour.
  • The most cutting-edge products are utilised.
  • Fully insured and licenced

Our ant pest control services in Woody Point provide the most sophisticated home remedies for ant infestation. Call One Hour Pest Control Woody Point or fill out the form below for a free quotation on a professional visit to your home or company.


1. How long does it take to exterminate an ant colony?

Answer: The amount of time it takes to exterminate an ant colony is determined by the size of the nest. In most cases, a tiny ant infestation may be removed in a day or two. It may take up to 10 to 14 days for a bigger colony.

Contact us now to discuss your pest problem and learn what solutions we can provide in a courteous, professional, and safe manner.

2. What do experts use to keep ants at bay?

Answer: Boric acid is one of the most often used compounds in pest control. It is usually dispersed as a powder throughout the house. However, this reatment is not just efficient against ants, but also against cockroaches and termites.

3. Is staying with my family or pets during the ant treatment process safe?

Answer: Yes, the things we use are completely safe for you and your loved ones. Our highly qualified experts will provide you with guidance on how to care for your pet during and after treatment.

4. When will I notice benefits from an ant treatment?

Answer: Successful therapy should yield immediate benefits. It may take some time for ants that are not as visible, like ones underground or beneath bats in the roof, to come into touch with the chemical employed, depending on the sort of issue you have and the ant.

5. Is it necessary for me to get more than one ant treatment?

Answer: You must eliminate the colony to gain permanent control. You may require one or more treatments, depending on the size of the colony and its location. Spraying, gels, and bait are all options for therapy.

Contact One Hour Pest Control Woody Point and speak with a certified pest professional about your situation and discover what solutions we can provide.

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