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Professional Ant Control Brisbane

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Whether your property is in Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane, ant control services by us are available all across Australia. Our experts have an extensive understanding of ants, and thus provide customised solutions for all types of ant infestations. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we always use commercial-grade equipment and methods for effective ant control. Our ant removal solutions are designed to free your property from all ants.

The presence of ants can cause a lot of discomfort at both residential and commercial properties. If you see even a minor ant infestation in your home, it’s best to get professional help as soon as possible. Our Brisbane’s ant control team is trained to conduct safe and reliable ant removal. While most ants do not pose any danger to humans, professional pest control services will ensure their thorough and permanent removal from your property.

How To Identify an Ant Infestation?

1. Unlike most pests, ants move around both during the day and night. As they mostly move around in groups, they are easy to notice.

2. If you keep finding ants inside or near your kitchen, you likely have a major infestation at your home.

3. Ants always leave traces like secretions to show the path to other ants. This may help you find their colony.

4. The usual ant nests in a home are basements, under cupboards, wall cracks, and so on.

5. Ant nest looks like a small and mountain-like pile of mud with various pathways that lead inside. This type of nest is easy to notice and find.

6. See if you can find any ants where you store your sugar. This is the easiest way to learn about an ant infestation.

Dangers of Ant Infestation

Most ant species are harmless to humans, while some of them are actually considered friendly. But species like red ants are known to bite humans. These bites can be extremely painful, depending on the duration of the bite. Besides this, the bites of red fire ants are considered poisonous and if a group of fire ants bite you, it can lead to anaphylaxis reactions and death in some cases. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, ant control services by us are designed to protect you from such danger. Just give us a call if you have any minor or major ant infestation in your home.

Effective Ant Control Brisbane

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, our experts are trained to find ant nests with various methods. Ants usually leave excrements and pheromones to show the path to other ants. Once we keep an eye on their schedule, we can find every one of their nests inside or around your property. Our Brisbane’s ant control experts believe one of the easiest ways to find ant nests is right after they pick up the food. Carpenter ants are an easy target when it comes to finding nests. They usually move around at night and are easy to notice. Once you track their movement, finding the ant nest is an easy job.

When it comes to ant control, Brisbane’s various home and business owners prefer our removal services. This is due to our ability to provide satisfactory results and reliability with our ant control services. Let’s take a closer look into our standard ant control process.

1. We begin the control process by blocking all points of entries like cracks, small and unusual pathways, easy access to food/water, and so on.

2. Our Brisbane’s ant control team prefers the use of anti-repellent sprays, washing powder, pesticides, and other certified products to deal with ants.

3. We also use and recommend the use of ant hooks. These baits contain sugar-favoured compounds that attract and trap ants. This is one of the most effective methods to remove ants from your property.

4. When we find ant nests, we use certified pesticides and spray to conduct thorough ant removal at your property.

5. At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we strongly advise everyone to get professional help for safe and effective ant control. We can customise suitable solutions based on the species of ants, and the size of their infestation at your property.

Why Choose Us?

One Hour Pest Control Brisbane is a well-established pest control company in Australia. We are known for our comprehensive pest control and prevention services. Our services are widely approved and recommended by top experts in Brisbane. Ant control services by us include the use of advanced methods and equipment. This helps us ensure satisfactory results and reliability with all our services. With One Hour Pest Control, you get various benefits including but not limited to:

1. Emergency/Same-day Pest Control

2. Professional Pest Control Company

3. Free Quotes on Call

4. Advanced Solutions

5. Eco-friendly Service

6. Certified Experts

7. Fair Price Range

8. 24/7 Service

Our Brisbane’s ant control service is the best way to protect yourself from the potential dangers of ants. We make sure our ant control solutions are certified and safe for both children and pets. Feel free to give us a call any time and we will deal with all your ant control needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I permanently remove fire ants from my property?

At One Hour Pest Control Brisbane, we believe a permanent solution for fire ants is the frequent use of ant repellent sprays. If this does not work, get professional ant control services.

2. How to get rid of Argentine ants?

Argentine ants are easy to remove and keep coming if they are not removed with proper methods. This is why our Brisbane’s ant control team always recommends professional help for Argentine ants removal. It’s the best way to conduct the thorough and permanent removal of these ants.

3. How to prevent ants in the kitchen?

Make sure there is no easy access to food in the kitchen, especially to sugar. Without such access, ants will stop invading your kitchen.

4. Do I always need professional help for ant infestations?

Yes and no. It depends on the kind of ant infestation you have at your property. A minor ant infestation can be dealt with certain DIY ant control methods.

5. How soon can you free our property from ants?

Our Brisbane’s ant control solutions are designed to conduct time-saving and thorough ant removal at any property. Usually, it takes at least 3 weeks to free your property from ants. But the duration of this treatment can vary depending on the type of ant infestation and the size of your property.

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