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1. What’s the easiest way to prevent a pest infestation?

The easiest way to prevent a pest infestation is by maintaining the cleanliness of your property on a regular basis.

2. When can I enter my home after the pest treatment?

At One Hour pest control Brisbane, we let our expert decide the duration of the treatment and when you can enter your home after the treatment. This is because every home has a different type of infestation and requires different pest treatment. We can only know the specific duration of the treatment once we examine your property.

3. What’s the first step of your pest control treatment?

The first step of our Brisbane’s pest control service involves a thorough inspection. An inspection helps us understand the impact of pests, cause of the infestation, and the suitable treatment required for the infestation at your property.

4. Where do you conduct pest treatment?

With a proper inspection of your property, we find all the hiding, breeding, and feeding spots of pests. These are the first areas where we conduct thorough pest extermination. Our Brisbane’s same day pest control service also involves the same pest treatment for your property.

5. What kind of pest treatment is required for my home?

It depends on the type of pest infestation you have and the size of your property. If you do not have an infestation and wish to safeguard your home from any pests, we can help you with that as well.

6. Do I have to leave the property during treatment?

Our Brisbane’s pest control services are certified, eco-friendly, and safe for children/pets. But we do advise you to leave the property if you have breathing problems. We also recommend an appropriate distance between the pest control chemicals and children/pets.

7. Is the pest treatment safe for my house plants?

Yes, our pest control solutions are eco-friendly and recommended by top pest control experts. We let you know in advance if the treatment could harm your house plants.

8. Do you have a professional pest control team?

Yes, our team has an expert understanding of pest control and prevention. We have certified pest control experts that ensure the thorough removal of pests from your property.

9. Do you provide your services on a Saturday?

Yes, our Brisbane’s pest control services are available on a Saturday. We provide our services 24/7 and with emergency response teams.

10. What are your service charges?

Our service charges depend on the type of pest infestation and the suitable pest treatment required for your property. We can provide you with a fair price range once we have examined your infested property.

11. Do you provide pest control for commercial properties?

Yes, we provide our comprehensive pest control services for both residential and commercial properties. Our experts can customise appropriate pest control solutions based on the requirements of your property.

12. Do we need to empty the kitchen before the treatment?

Yes and no. Depending on the kind of pest treatment required at your property, we will let you know about the things you may need to remove from the kitchen.

13. Is this a certified pest control company?

Yes, One Hour pest control Brisbane is a certified pest control company. Our pest control solutions are recommended by top experts and are in accordance with the global standards of pest control.

14. What are some of the common pest control methods?

The most common pest control methods are chemical sprays, expert removal, nets, and traps.

15. How do you conduct a professional pest treatment?

1. Inspection: We begin with a careful inspection of your property. This helps us understand the cause of the infestation, the impact of pests, and the suitable pest treatment required for your property.

2. Treatment: With a proper inspection, we move forward with the appropriate pest treatment. We make sure the product/methods used during the treatment are certified and eco-friendly.

3. Post-treatment Inspection: After the treatment and a few days after treatment, we inspect your property again to ensure the thorough removal of pests. This also helps us find and deal with any remaining pests.

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