Warning Signs You Need to Understand for Rodent Control Brisbane

The presence of mice and rats inside your house can be quite annoying. These rodents aren’t just responsible for spreading diseases but also cause heavy property destruction. Before the rodent infestation gets out of control it is necessary to call pest control Brisbane.

Preventing your property from pest infestation is necessary. So, if you want to keep your loved ones and property rodent-free, then there are a few signs you need to understand.

Warning signs you should understand for availing rodent control Brisbane!


Rodents release a pungent musky smell that can be easily noticed. If rodents are living inside your property, you are likely to smell the odor coming from a specific area.

It’s not just the rodents that leave a lingering smell, but their droppings and urine play an equally important role. Making the matter worse, rodents choose a secluded place when they are dying. The corpse of the rodents releases an intolerable smell.

All such odors are enough to give you warning signs that need rodent treatment Brisbane!

Rodent Droppings

You may notice rodent droppings much before you see these pests. Finding rodent droppings is one of the easiest ways of understanding the signs of pest infestation. However, you should avoid getting in contact with the rodent droppings as it is highly contaminated and can affect your health.

The rodent droppings appear like brown rice and can vary in size. You can notice these droppings in any corner of your house. So, as soon as you notice these signs call rodent pest control for effective treatment.

Tampered Food

Rodents enter your house in search of food. Finding a tampered food is a pretty obvious sign. However, it is scary to find destroyed food inside your pantry, as the risk of consuming contaminated food is pretty high.

Rodents are notorious and they use their teeth for reaching to the food. They don’t hesitate in biting your containers and stored food and having a feast later on. They can eat anything and damage anything.

So, in case you notice tampered food inside your pantry or kitchen, make sure to contact rodent control experts for identification and pest treatment.

Damaged Items

Rodents are experts at gnawing. They use their sharp teeth for destroying goods and whatever comes on their path. If they are inside your house, you are likely to notice bite marks on your clothes, shoes, and other belongings.

Beware of these rodents as they can cause severe loss once they enter your inventory. Also, they can damage electrical wires and pipelines as well. Don’t ignore these damaged items. Check for more such signs and hire experts for rodent control Brisbane!

Live Rats and Mice

Finding a rat or mice running around in your house is the major sign of infestation. They can be adult or baby mice. If you notice more than one rodent, there are chances your house already has been heavily infested by the rodents.

Rodents thrive at night, so in case you hear squeaking noises at night, take it as a sign of rodent infestation. Consult One Hour Pest Control Brisbane for expert solutions to all your pest problems!

Final Words

Be sure to check for these signs, when you are doubtful of pests living inside your house. Don’t let these rodents become a member of your family. Hire professionals for pest control at affordable prices!

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