Is It Always Necessary To Spray Chemicals For Garden Pests In Brisbane

The use of insecticides or chemical pest control services Brisbane to control pests and disease in the garden is frowned upon by most amateur gardeners. Pesticides or chemical treatments are mainly unnecessary in any event, and gardeners should be aware of this.

With the arrival of spring in Southern Australia and the rebirth of so many of your garden plants, a slew of undesirable organisms emerges to feast on your favourite flowers, roses, and other plants. Aphids and fungus-like powdery mildew are the most common guests at this time. Do you have to apply insecticides or hire chemical pest control services Brisbane at the first sign of difficulty? Do you wish to do so?

No home gardener would love to poison their plants. Most people are horrified even by the thought, which is understandable. The garden is designed to improve a person’s lives, not serve as a battlefield for chemical warfare! In addition, the more insecticides you apply, the more wildlife you drive away from the garden, which helps keep pests at bay. As a result, the goal should be to make the garden as environmentally friendly as feasible. You can even contact the One Hour pest control Brisbane company who offers eco-friendly pest control services.

The following are the primary reasons why a home gardener should strive to avoid using pesticides or chemical pest control services, Brisbane:

  • Spraying chemical pesticides puts the sprayer at risk.
  • Pesticides, particularly organic phosphates, put members of the family who use the garden in danger.
  • Pesticides limit the number of wildlife who frequent the garden, tilting the garden’s balance in favour of the pests.

Meanwhile, here are some tips for coping with unexpected visitors that are both eco-friendly and family-friendly:

  • Use the garden hose to spray the aphids that are eating the leaves and young juicy stalks. You may have to run your fingers up and down the stems to smash them as well. Is this going to get rid of all of the aphids? No. However, it is capable of sufficiently reducing the damage. You can also use the hose to treat a variety of fungal illnesses.
  • Prune the damaged plants’ tips. Aphids prefer fresh growth; therefore, they can be found at the plant’s growing tips. This aphid control strategy works well on non-flowering plants too. But it will, of course, diminish the number of blossoms on roses.
  • Remove the clipped areas of the garden bed after pruning. Never leave them on the ground since they could attract additional pests like boring insects. It is true for all pruning’s, not just affected areas; pest management requires proper sanitation.
  • Watering should be done when the humidity is naturally high, such as in the morning. Fungi thrive in a mix of warm and moist circumstances, so watering in the early evening is the worst option.
  • If the infestation is severe, hire the best pest control Brisbane company to remove pests without any hassle.


Prevention is better than cure. It is essential to prevent the infestation rather than treating it later. Try home remedies at the first sight of infestation, or hire an eco-friendly pest control service provider. Believe it or not, how we irrigate, feed, prune our gardens, and how the garden is designed, all play a vital role in controlling pest infestation. So, it is advisable to take proper care of your garden to prevent pest infestation.

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