Get Rid of Possums in 7 Easy Steps!

Possums are feared by many people and it is usually an eyesore to have them around. In addition to cleaning up trash, they eat insects and make our lives a little simpler. You may probably think why it is necessary to eliminate them after knowing this fun fact. Well, these petite animals can be a nuisance, especially when they eat or tramp over plants, as they often do. As well as rummaging through trash cans, possums can steal pet food. Getting rid of possums can be a challenge if you want to keep your pets and plants safe. One hour Pest Control Brisbane can be helpful in eliminating possums from your property.

However, while the presence of these rodent-like creatures in the backyard can be a boon, the thought of them prowling around at night may not always be a good thing.

It’s Time to Get Started

To Get Rid of Possums, Use These Tips

A proper identification is necessary in order to undergo possum removal in Brisbane from your premises. A lot of grey possums are mistaken for cats. When it comes to adult possums, they are typically between 24 and 40 inches in length, have a 10- to 12-inch tail, and weigh between 4 to 12 pounds. In addition, possum droppings can be used to identify the animals.

The Best Way to Remove Possums

Despite the fact that a number of chemical repellents are available in the market, they aren’t as effective on their own by themselves. Others, such as motion-activated sprinklers or trapping cages, are more effective at reducing possum populations.

  • Many homeowners use fences to keep possums out of their gardens. There should be a minimum of four feet of fence.
  • Trim trees and shrubs, remove brush piles, and clean up fallen tree fruit to make your yard less attractive.
  • Close the lids on garbage cans and store pet food in the refrigerator at night.
  • Including porches, decks, and buildings, keep all the entry point closed around your home or business.

Here are the 5 steps you can follow for possum removal in Brisbane

1. Food and water, as well as potential possum homes, should be removed from the area.

It is necessary to ensure that no food is leftover inside the house as well as outside. Trash bags should be sealed, ensure the pet food is not kept open on the floors. Also, if you have plants that bear fruits, their crops should not be on the ground. These are few things that has to be kept in mind if you plan to get rid of possums.

2. Be sure to secure your home from the outside by blocking any possible entry points (such as windows and doors) as well as any chimneys or vents.

Openings in the ground make it easy to get in. When possums get into homes, they cause the most damage to the structures they inhabit. If you have a pet door in your home, you should seal it as well. These animals can easily climb trees, land on longer branches, and then jump to the roof near the chimney because they are expert climbers. As a result of trimmed branches of trees, they become more difficult to climb.

3. Applying a chemical repellent is helpful.

Possums can be deterred by the application of chemical repellents on the vulnerable areas of your house garden. Repellents come in a variety of brands and types, but most are powders that contain predator urine. Their smell is strong and they are costly to buy, making them a good investment. Unless they are applied often and in high quantities, they usually provide little relief and are best used in conjunction with other methods. Although it requires frequent reapplication, chilli powder is another option in an emergency.

4. Possums can be scared away with electronic repellents.

Possums can be scared away by electronic repellents such as motion-activated sprinklers. They are also more environmentally friendly and provide better results. Areas such as lawns, chicken coops, entryways and pools as well as barns and compost bins, as well as other areas around the yard, can be used. It’s also possible to make a backyard uninviting by adding lawn lights and wind chimes.

5. Invest in a special type of fencing.

When it comes to climbing, possums can be deterred by a wire or electric fence. The top foot of the fence should be facing outward to create an overhang to deter these critters.

An electric fence can also be added at an angle of approximately 3 to 4 inches above the ground. This includes under porches and stairways and crawl spaces. Steel wire mesh or sheet metal can be used to close off these openings.

6. Possums can be trapped with a cage and bait.

The possum can be caught with a live trap if it has invaded your home. Because these animals are nocturnal, it’s best to set up the trap at night and bait it with their prey. For example, they’ll enjoy jam or peanut butter on bread, or overripe fruit. The trap should be placed along a common path of travel in the house so that the critter is unlikely to miss it. If you are unable to do, it is always best to call a professional possum catcher in Brisbane.

7. The next step is to install an alternative possum nesting box in nearby trees.

In spite of the fact that a house or backyard isn’t the best place for possums to live, you can build or buy a nesting box to offer them their own living space. They prefer small, enclosed areas with petite entrances that can keep them safe from larger predators.

In addition to being an eyesore, possums can cause significant damage to your home if they get inside. Possums can be difficult to get rid of, but it’s much easier to take preventative measures to keep them out of your yard. A professional possum removal in Brisbane can be hired if none of these remedies work or if you’re worried about it. After removing the animal, our technicians form One Hour Pest Control Brisbane will create a customised plan to keep future pests at bay.

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